Must-Have Plumbing Tools for Homeowners PART-1

We would want you to rummage through your psyche, and think of a dispiriting task or problem. What did you stumble upon? Is it plumbing? As much as one would like to avoid them: plumbing problems are inevitable. Albeit, you’d want to call a plumber each time you face one; however bearing the blunt costs of a plumber are impractical, and fall miles away from feasibility.

What could be an alternative? Becoming a DIY plumber maybe? With the increasing enthusiasm towards DIY, it turns out to be a fun task, and is economical too as you save a lot of money, which you’d be anyways exhausting upon if you hired a plumber. Now, what are the requisite tools to become a DIY plumber? We’ll help you introduce to some.

Adjustable Wrench

It does not matter whether you are working on supply lines, compression fittings, or other plumbing components that have hex-shaped nuts, this versatile companion will be your assistant through thick and thin. For great outcomes, prefer a branded adjustable wrench from Moglix such as Taparia, JCB, and Venus etc.


A plunger turns out to be useful for clearing clogged drains and toilets. Whilst deploying plungers in toilets, make sure that you press down, forge a solid seal around the drain, and then pull them upwards.

Tubing Cutter

A tubing cutter offers a quicker, hassle-free method to cut through copper pipes. The bustling DIY plumber in you must have a standard-sized tubing cutter, and a close-quarter mini-cutter, deemed ideal for tight spots.

Liked what you just read? want to know more about some useful plumbing tools? Read our PART-2 of the series.


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