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Bridging the Gap Between Buyers and Sellers

Bridging the Gap Between Buyers & Sellers: How Moglix Helps

Pertaining to the ever-increasing vogue of online shopping amongst customers, business prospects as well, seem to be somewhat influenced with this anomaly. In a recent discussion, our business customers broke the ice by expressing their love and, inclination towards shopping online, owing to the convenience and succour, which the channel offers, in addition to, their extended whim of an experience at work, similar to how they shop at home.

Moglix delivers a comprehensive marketplace, blending together the crucial trio of, selection, convenience and, value, in conjunction with exclusive privileges and, solitary benefits, tailored to the likes of hulking businesses, as well as humble SMEs. Adding to the flavour, our strategy of business-only pricing and, access to more than 5000 suppliers, makes the deal more lucrative.

Listed below are some additional features and benefits, which the buyers and sellers can accrue on Moglix:

Negotiated Pricing, which allows our inside sales representatives to contact you over the phone, interact with you, get acquainted with your requirements and, the price, you are best comfortable in paying. Following this, our inside sales representatives will get in touch with our business suppliers, negotiate a quality rate, and revert to you with the best possible price, you can find in the market.

Procurement Redefined, this vertical presents our business prospects with the facility to meet certain sourcing requirements, by refining their search for premium brands, filter out products on the basis of price and, manufacturing material preferred.

Credit Purchase, to alleviate the shopping experience of customers, Moglix has partnered with various credit providers and rolled out an empirical, ‘Buy now pay later’ option, deemed as ‘Moglix Credit Line’, using which, customers can buy products from our platform, on credit. Therefore, Buy More. Trade More. Grow More.

These features and, benefits, paves way for our business customers to create and, strengthen their relationship with new and, existing suppliers, moreover, on the scent of these offerings by Moglix, empower your business with unparalleled advantage.

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