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Respiratory Masks Providing A Sigh Of Relief Amidst This Polluted Breze

Air Pollution Hits ‘Grave’ levels in North India: Two Best Respiratory Masks You Can Buy Online

With air pollution cuffing upon ‘Grave’ levels and, with heavy smog blanketing distinct areas of the National Capital Region and, a plethora of other cities in Punjab and, Haryana, owing to this abrupt rise in pollution levels, many residents are switching to respiratory masks to help keep breathing problems at bay, which are caused by small particulate matters or, pollutants suspended in the air. Air pollution is a severe hazard to your health, paving way for a number of treacherous allergies and, chronic health complications, for instance, coughing, rhinitis, asthma and, heart diseases.

Therefore, selecting the best anti-pollution or respiratory mask, either for general use or, for specific purposes might emerge out to be a daunting task, pertaining to the availability of sizable amount of brands and, types, which somewhat, in addition, makes the process of purchasing a respiratory mask a tad bit of more confusing.

When out to buy a respiratory mask, one thing you ought to make sure is to opt for the mask with N99, N95 or P100 rating or certification from the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). For instance, the NIOSH N95 quality certification implies that the mask should, as a pre-requisite, filter out almost 95% of suspended particulate matter, greater than 0.3 microns, which is much smaller than PM2.5. Similarly, N99 respiratory masks filter suspended matter, greater than or equal to 99% of these particles.

Here, Find the List of the Best Respiratory Masks, You Can Buy Online:

N95 air mask

This is one of the most common and, extensively used respiratory masks available in the market. It can filter at least 95% of minute suspended particles – ranging from 0.2 to 2.5 – however, this mask is not resistant to oil. In addition, N95 respirators are not suitable for children or people with facial hair. This being the sole reason, N95 respiratory mask may fall short of providing full protection for many people as a proper fit cannot be achieved with them. 3M, Promax and Midas, are among the most acclaimed brands in the N95 category of masks.

N99 VOG mask

VOG mask is specifically crafted to prevent inhaled contaminants. VOG masks are adept in filtering 99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, making them the most optimal filtering respiratory masks available for segregating suspended particles such as those dissolved in air, pertaining to pollution. In addition, these masks are reusable, which means you can wear it to work daily, sans any problems. Although, these masks are durable and, can sustain for a prolonged period of time, however, the life of these masks might plunge due to severe air pollution.

Hope the above-suggested points will help you choose the appropriate mask, ensuring that you and your loved ones stay safe from the grave effects of air pollution.


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